£105 | 3 hours

Our purpose at FOUNDATION is to help our clients. We do this by listening, sharing knowledge, exploring boundaries and working with our clients to find solutions together. Nothing makes us happier than hearing how our clients are enjoying their cycling, riding pain free and achieving their goals. We’re at a time when cycling is getting expensive, living is getting expensive and the world is feeling uncertain. With this is mind, we feel it is important, more than ever, to find ways of continuing to support riders. And we going to try to do this by providing an even more accessible service, without restricting the quality of our work.

Our ‘Assisted’ service is exactly the same as any of our regular 3 hour, £265 services (Full Fit, Sizing, Saddle Testing) but offered at a significantly lower price point (£105). Assisted sessions will be limited in number and appointment times for the coming week released on the Friday the week before. The times and number of sessions will vary each week, so clients will need to keep an eye on the booking page each week to see if there are any suitable appointments for them.

We are offering this service as a 3 hour long session because we believe good bike fitting requires thoroughness from a fitter. We want to keep our best commitment to our clients, but fitting also requires commitment from a client. It is a process of learning, exploring, testing and this takes time. If you invest decent time and effort in the process, the rewards are both greater and more satisfying.

Finally, there are no restrictions on who can use this service, but the hope is that this allows for greater accessibility and inclusivity for differently resourced individuals in our communities. Remember bike fitting is a service applicable to ANY rider who riders regularly. We fit as many commuters as we do racers. At the end of the day, almost everyone is looking for the same three things: Comfort, efficiency and enjoyment 🙂

Look forward to seeing you in the studio!

  • Cyclists of any level
  • Access to the best fitting & equipment
  • Jig fitting included
  • Central London location
  • Optimising comfort, efficiency and enjoyment!
Basic FitFull Fit
Pre-fit interview
Cleat positioning
Visual analysis
Video analysis
Dynamic bike fit on jig
Essential adjustments:
H-bar, stem, saddle positioning
In-depth adjustments
& testing alternatives
Basic new component fitting
e.g. stems, cleats
In-depth new component fitting
e.g. saddle, bars, tape, aerobars
Position measured & recorded
Personal Google Drive folder
In-depth post-fit written report
Off-bike movement testing
Leomo movement sensor testing
3D motion capture
TT & aerobar positioning
Saddle testing
Asymmetry analysis
Alignment with wedges
Leg length differential shims
Insole fitting and testing
FREE follow-up fit
(Within 3 months of initial fit)

Have two bikes? No problem, we can set up your second bike during your fit for £90. Allow an additional hour for this extra fit. Book online.