£245 | 3-4 hours

Whether you are a triathlete or a cyclist, a full bike fit will ensure none of your efforts on the bike will be wasted. A full bike fit is applicable for any rider looking for the most comprehensive understanding of their functional movement patterns and looking for ways to optimise their performance on their bike.

Every rider is unique, from their body metrics, their individual history to their personal goals and aspirations. A unique bike setup is therefore required for every rider. A full bike fit is a holistic process. Using video capture, Leomo sensors and off-bike testing we will be able to show you how you move, why you move the way you do, and how your bike can be adapted to best suit you.

For the time trial specialist, a full bike fit is the ideal service to understand your position in the aero-bars. For the triathlete, the fit will investigate an ideal position to set you up for the all important run portion of the the triathlon.

If you are crit racing, taking on an iron-man, looking to smash a PB, coming back from an injury or just want to ride comfortably all day, there is a bike fit for you.

Ride smart, ride at your best, get a bike fit

Ideal For:
  • Triathlon, TT and long distance racing positions
  • Optimising your position for performance
  • Detailed movement analysis with Leomo sensors
  • Preventing overuse injuries from cycling
  • Integrating off-bike work to affect your cycling
  • Creating a record of your position & path for progression
  • Foot optimisation options: shims, wedges and insoles
  • Saddle testing options
Pre-fit interview
Basic cleat positioning
Visual analysis
Video analysis
Essential adjustments:
H-bar, stem, saddle positioning
In-depth adjustments
& testing alternatives
Basic new components fitted
e.g. stems, cleats
In-depth component fitting
e.g. saddle, bars, tape, aerobars
Position measured & recorded
Personal Google Drive folder
Basic post-fit written report
In-depth post-fit written report
Off-bike movement testing
Leomo movement sensor testing
TT & aerobar positioning
Saddle testing
Correcting asymmetry
Alignment with wedges
Leg length differential shims
Insole fitting and testing

Have two bikes? No problem, we can set up your second similar bike during your fit for £75. Allow an additional hour for this extra fit. If your second bike is of a different style to your primary bike e.g. Road bike + Time trial bike, the additional cost is £100.