£145 | 1.5 HOURS

Getting your position correct on any bike is essential but we know not everyone can commit to a 4 hour full blown bike fit. Our basic fit will ensure the fundamental components of your set-up are correct and your bike will allow your body to move naturally when pedalling. Why endure discomfort when you could have a professional bike fit come to you and have everything adjusted in just over an hour?

A basic fit not just for the new or time-crunched cyclist. If you’ve bought a new bike or need a quick check-up, a basic fit is a great solution.

Be smart, get a bike fit and get the most out of your body and your bike.

Ideal for:
– New riders
– Setting up a new bike
– A quick checkup on an existing position
– Time-crunched riders

– Rider interview
– Visual fit assessment
– Basic changes made to setup
– (No measurements recorded as per Standard & Full Fit)

Have two bikes? No problem, we can set up your second similar bike during your fit for £75. Allow an additional hour for this extra fit. If your second bike is of a different style to your primary bike e.g. Road bike + Time trial bike, the additional cost is £100.