£195 | 2-3 HOURS

There was a time when bike sizes across different brands were comparable. With the explosion of modern bike geometries, new frame materials, brands introducing proprietary ‘systems’, the market has become a confusing place for the customer. How different is a 55cm frame to 56cm frame? Is that equivalent to a size Large? Where do I cut my integrated seat mast? Will those integrated aero bars & stem fit me? What is ‘Women’s Specific Geometry’?

If you’re looking for a new bike but not sure what what size you need, then our bike sizing service will give you clarity.

We don’t just stop at telling you what size you need. This is a comprehensive service where, through a bike fit, we determine the best options for each of your contact points, followed by continued research and advice on which bikes available on the market will best suit your proportions, riding style and ambitions.

All you need is your existing bike of the same style as the new bike (i.e. if you want to buy a road bike, we’ll need to size you on a road bike.) Our service will fit you to your existing bike and from that find your ideal position. We can translate the measurements from this fit and compare it with any new bike’s geometry. Then we’ll be able to give you the relevant information in order for you to make an informed decision about your next bike purchase.

Don’t have a bike or need to be sized for a different style of bike e.g. TT bike? No problem, in this case you’ll need to book in for a sizing session at Cloud 9 Cycles where we can use the fit jig to determine the best setup for you.

For every sizing we will take into account your current riding style but also what you what to achieve with the new bike. Have racing ambitions later in the season? We can ensure your new bike has room for you to adopt a more aggressive position in the future. Have your sights set on a big tour but want to use your bike for the daily commute too? We can advise on how you can pick a versatile new bike to be quick enough for the day-to-day errands but tough enough to journey across a continent.

With over 10 years of experience within the cycling industry, Foundation offers combines a vast product knowledge, riding experience with fitting expertise to find the right bike for you. Best of all we offer a completely impartial service. We’re not a bike shop and have no obligations to any particular brands, so you know we only ever have your best interests to heart.

We’ll even double check your measurements and mock up a new bike on Bike CAD if you wish. Finally, once you are the proud owner of your new steed, we can help set up the new bike exactly to your fit requirements. We’re with you from start to finish.

Ideal for:
– Finding your ideal position
– Making informed choices on you next purchase
– Understanding the most suitable geometry for your riding
– Buying the right bike for you!

– Interview
– Physical assessment
– Dynamic bike fit
– Using fit measurements to choose new bike
– Check of measurements & new bike mock up on BikeCAD
– Buying recommendations and research
– Clear advice on all choices, from handlebar width to frame materials
– Set up of new bike