£145 | 2-3 hours

Take your riding to the next level. Optimising the foot, shoe and cleat interface is often overlooked but is probably the most important area to investigate to achieve an efficient and pain free riding position. The feet are the only contact point which is directly connected to the bike, forming the foundation of your power and stability on the bike. Any dysfunction starting here can radiate up the kinetic chain, potentially affecting the ankles, knees, hips and so on up the body. So it’s worth spending time on your feet!

At Foundation we like to look at your cleat and shoe position holistically and how it affects and is affected by the rest of your body function and also what you want to achieve through your riding. A track position is very different to a triathlon position. Does you commute bike have the same geometry as your weekend race bike? Do you use the same shoe brand, model and pedals? If you have different bikes, for different purposes, with different shoes and pedals you may need different shoe/cleat setups.

As an impartial service, Foundation can offer a range of solutions for any foot related issues. Our extensive knowledge of available cycling products on the market allow us to tailor our solutions to the individual. No two feet are ever alike!

We can recommend shoe brands to fit particular foot shapes and different pedals for specific sensitivities. We use adaptive insoles to offer increased foot proprioception ensuring the kinetic system tracks correctly. Wedges are used to correct foot tilt, shims for functional or anatomical leg length differential. Dynamic video analysis helps us determine the right cleat placement for your riding style and allowing you to see what you actually do in motion. The more knowledge we can give to you, the better you’ll be able to understand how to reach your riding nirvana.

Ideal for:
– Finding correct pedal, cleat & foot interface
– Optimising cleat position for road, mtb, tri or track
– Addressing specific discomforts in kinetic chain
– Preventing long term overuse injury

– Interview and initial assessment
– Explanation of foot / pedal interface and function
– Insole, wedges and shim solutions
– Pedalling style and technique analysis
– Dynamic fit & video analysis
– Buying advice and sourcing