£249 | 2-3 HOURS

We are very happy to partner with Cloud 9 Cycles in Bloomsbury to offer studio bike fitting and bike sizing.

What’s great about fitting at Cloud 9:

  • Bike Sizing – if you’re looking for a new bike but don’t have a similar current bike to base your decisions around, then we can fit you on the jig. This device allows us to replicate any position so we can fully explore any position before deciding what suits you best. Ideal for TT bikes or custom builds.
  • Biobike Fitting – the Biobike is a unique piece of equipment that allows a fitter to remotely control all the variables on the bike e.g seat height, bar reach, WHILST the rider is pedalling. This is the ultimate dynamic fit tool, providing a more immersive experience for the rider and the best results from the fitter.
  • Studio Space – if you don’t have enough space at home or just prefer to have a bike fit at a studio, then Cloud 9’s central London location is ideal.
  • Custom Build Specialists – The folks at Cloud 9 put unrivalled knowledge, dedication, care and attention into every build for their riders. If you order a bike with them you’ll be in the very best of hands. From deciding which frame and wheelset to go for, to the very finest details regarding ceramic bearings or oval chainrings, they will guide you through the process like a fine tailor.

– In-depth interview
– Body movement screening
– Dynamic bike fit
– Aerobar fitting & optimisation
– Full video recording of position
– Cleat positioning
– Saddle testing if needed
– Correcting asymmetry
– Knee tracking alignment with wedges
– Leg length differential correction with shims
– Full changes to setup
– In-depth post-fit written report
– Personal Google Drive folder with full record of bike fit


Have two bikes? No problem, we can set up your second similar bike during your fit for £75. Allow an additional hour for this extra fit. If your second bike is of a different style to your primary bike e.g. Road bike + Time trial bike, the additional cost is £100.