£195 | 2-3 HOURS

Am I sitting comfortably? How do I know if my bike puts me in the best position for my body? Is that ache in my neck a result of my bike setup or my posture on the bike?

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions or are new to cycle sport, a bike fit could be the best choice you ever make to maximise your cycling enjoyment and performance. A couple of hours spent adjusting your fit equates to countless hours of comfort on the bike.

A standard bike fit aims to ensure that your fundamental bike setup is dialled in. Every body is individual and so every bike setup needs to be individual. The result is a strong foundation for you to progress in the sport.

It’s so easy to go out, and in an instant, buy a beautiful new carbon lightweight bike. However, no matter how amazing the bike is, the machine will only be as good as it’s engine- you! A rider with a poor setup will compromise his / her riding comfort, performance and ultimately enjoyment for the ride.

Be smart, get a bike fit and get the most out of your body and your bike.

Ideal for:
– Cyclists looking for peace of mind
– Optimising your current position for your goals
– Understanding how you move on the bike and how this affects your position
– Preventing common overuse injuries from cycling

– Pre-fit interview
– Body movement screening
– Cleat fitting
– Dynamic bike fit
– Full video recording of position
– Changes made to setup
– Post-fit written report
– Personal Google Drive folder with full record of bike fit

Have two bikes? No problem, we can set up your second similar bike during your fit for £75. Allow an additional hour for this extra fit. If your second bike is of a different style to your primary bike e.g. Road bike + Time trial bike, the additional cost is £100.