£295 | 3 hours

FOUNDATION is very happy to partner with Cloud 9 Cycles in Bloomsbury to offer studio bike fitting in central London.

We now offer state of the art 3D motion capture and analysis from STT Systems. This is cutting edge bike fitting technology using infra red tracking and four 100FPS cameras to simultaneously map your body’s three dimensional movements in real time.

This allows us to understand and visualise how a bike position affects your body’s movement with unrivalled clarity. We can then analyse every joint motion frame-by-frame, make more informed decisions and test changes with greater accuracy.

If you have some specific performance goals you would like to achieve on the bike, this is fit for you. Whether you are a triathlete, racer or a rider looking to prevent injury, the detail of a 3D bike fit will ensure you are riding comfortably, efficiently and effectively. This is the next level of optimisation.

Ride smart, ride at your best, get a 3D bike fit

ideal for:
  • Access to state of the art technology
  • Complete 3D motion analysis
  • Next level optimisation
  • Addressing asymmetry
  • Improve comfort and performance
Pre-fit interview
Cleat positioning
Visual analysis
Video analysis
Dynamic bike fit on jig
Essential adjustments:
H-bar, stem, saddle positioning
In-depth adjustments
& testing alternatives
Basic new component fitting
e.g. stems, cleats
In-depth new component fitting
e.g. saddle, bars, tape, aerobars
Position measured & recorded
Personal Google Drive folder
Basic post-fit written report
In-depth post-fit written report
Off-bike movement testing
Leomo movement sensor testing
STT 3D motion analysis
TT & aerobar positioning
Saddle testing
Asymmetry analysis
Alignment with wedges
Leg length differential shims
Insole fitting and testing
FREE follow-up fit
(Within 3 months of initial fit)

Have two bikes? No problem, we can set up your second bike during your fit for £90. Allow an additional hour for this extra fit. Book online.