Find Your Swimming ‘aha’ moment

Feel like you’re trying to do everything ‘right’ but you ought to be faster?

Perhaps you’ve been given a number of pointers and don’t know which one to focus on?

After many sessions of focused drills, how do you know if your efforts have made a difference? Are you still focusing on the right thing?

Seeing for yourself, how you swim, how your body moves through the water, will help you to understand what’s really happening. It can really feel like a revelation to see it for the first time! Knowing what you’re doing well and what you are not, will allow you to train smarter and improve faster.

Our swim video sessions allow you to playback swim footage while you’re still in the water, so you can make changes straight away, and feel the difference it makes to your swimming.

ideal for:
  • Triathletes looking to focus their winter or base season pool training
  • Resetting your swimming when there is a big new goal on the horizon
  • Avoiding persistent injuries or niggles
  • Any freestyle swimmer who has not seen underwater video footage of themselves before!

Video Analysis:
– Side-on, above and below the water
– From the front, above and below the water
– From above

Instant feedback:
– Review footage in bitesize clips as you go along
– Detailed explanation of observations

Tailored Drills:
– Try out some drills with specific coaching points
– Improve your freestyle stroke there and then

Swim Record:
– All session footage and commentary provided via a download link
– Take swim analysis, coaching points and drills away with you to work on

It takes time to dramatically improve your stroke and it is usually best to address one aspect at a time, so we recommend several sessions 4-6 weeks apart so that you can make each change an automatic movement before adding more changes to the mix.


Our endless pool facility is conveniently located near Canary Wharf.


Monday – Wednesday Sunday


£85 per 1 hour session