Rich Young

Thank you for the bike fit, it has worked out really well. The North Coast 500 trip was great, no issues with back ache, weather was an issue though, mighty stormy up there! The whole service was spot on, very professional and friendly with good advice.

Billy Halliday

Thank you very much for the bike fit and all of the information you sent me. It was genuinely a great help. I got a new stem and saddle after I saw you and I did the Surrey 100, which felt great.

Torke Survey Feedback

Foundation Bike Fit exceeded all expectations. Wei-Ho does not only work relaxed and meticulous, but answered all the questions that arose during and after the fit including later via email and social media. Foundation also shares invaluable knowledge through social media. And the best thing of all, Wei-Ho comes to your door unlike others where … Continue reading Torke Survey Feedback

Torke Survey Feedback

I used Wei from Foundation Fit. I know him from my triathlon club. I love his way of dealing with people found his fit really good, focusing on my areas of concern. I subsequently recommended him to my cycling club and he’s received rave reviews, especially from the more “serious” cyclists.

Torke Survey Feedback

Wei-Ho is an exceptionally attentive and conscientious fitter, and very generous with his time. I’ve been very happy with his fits to several of my bikes, had a couple of follow up visits, and made extensive use of his saddle library. He’s a class act.

Torke Survey Feedback

Wei provided an excellent service. He was friendly, cheerful and extremely knowledge. Wei put me at my ease, and I would definitely recommend his service to friends.


Best thing about Foundation Bike Fit is that they visit you at home, rather than requirement to come to a shop, and quickly share all videos and notes with you. My Tri Coach was very complimentary of the report and data I shared after the bike-fit in comparison to other reports he has seen before.

Josephine Park

Simply that if you’re bike doesn’t feel quite right, I would recommend a Foundation Bike Fit highly! It is worth every penny, and a Foundation Fit is good value for money relative to a lot of other bike fits out there on the market, and I came away a much better and happier cyclist.

Thor Maalouf

Thank you. I don’t have any ache in my pelvis now, even after long rides!

Tommy Hall

Multiple friends recommended a bike fit after I got a niggle in the knee. The Foundation fit 100% met my goals of riding pain free and with more confidence.