Break through! So I did 100km ride on Saturday and experienced no-where near the same pain in my upper back/right of left shoulder blade. Overall massive improvement – thank you!

Lee Murrell

Just a quick update, rode home earlier, can’t quick believe how much difference the fit made, way more comfortable!

Fran Brown

It was really fun to work with you, you really put me at ease. Thanks for going the extra mile to understand the nuances of my disability and AFO’s and to accommodate them in the fitting so well. I’m much more comfortable now with less pain in my neck and shoulders and my average speeds … Continue reading Fran Brown

Judith Crichton

I think I got more out of the bike fit than perhaps I even expected, I love all the feedback pdf’s that I can refer back to. I appreciated the video footage which enables you to see how you actually cycle; the ability to try a change, adjust it & then adjust again; the capture … Continue reading Judith Crichton

Lavinia Springett

I am glad to have had my first bike fitting with Wei: personalised, friendly and informative. It was without a doubt a good use of money which will have an impact in the short and long term.


During the fit it became clear that the changes resulted in an exponential improvement in my cycling position. The changes made to my bike position were immediately recognisable as soon as I started cycling. The new fit now allows me to cycle more efficiently and more comfortably.

Hannah Britten

I honestly wish I’d done this so much sooner, with the changes from the fit increasing my enjoyment of my bike and relieving me of the former agony of riding! Wei has so much knowledge and passion for cycling that I learnt loads through out the fit. The mobile set up with quick and easy, … Continue reading Hannah Britten

Richard Gerrard

The only reservation I had was that as a relative amateur when it comes to cycling, I would not be able to appreciate the changes made to my bike. Wei’s enormous cycling experience and his manner with clients really helped me decide to go ahead with a fit. Wei is always cheerful and immediately put … Continue reading Richard Gerrard


The bike fit exceeded my expectations! The process was thorough and in-depth, not only on the bike but also looking at my own physiology and lifestyle. Wei talked me through each stage clearly and concisely and made sure I was confident and clear on the changes he was making.