If you've signed up or are about to commit to an Iron-distance race, the stakes are high. Break through the uncertainty and master the results you know you can achieve, all while keeping your life commitments in balance. Become the complete triathlete!

You're A Motivated Triathlete But...

The Demands Of Juggling Work & Other Life Priorities Affect Your Ability To Perform At Your Best

You've entered an Ironman or another challenging triathlon event. You're committed to completing it and are motivated to give it your best, but Where do I start? And how do I integrate all this new training into an already demanding schedule? If this sounds familiar, then we may have the answers you've been looking for. 

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You Know You Can Achieve Better, But Can't Find A Way Forward?

Perhaps you're an experienced triathlete already, but you've hit the dreaded performance plateau. You're willing to do what it takes but when it matters, the wheels always start falling off. If you're picking up injuries, or on race day you just can't find the performance you know you've achieved in training, let us help you eliminate the frustration and find the progress you want. 

You've Tried All Kinds Of Training Techniques, But It Still Feels Like Guesswork...

There are so many ways to approach triathlon training, it's incredibly difficult to figure out what is good vs. bad information, which self-professed training guru to listen to, and what is actually going to work for you! If you've been through several different training programmes, apps or coaches by nothing seems to be shifting the needle, it's time for a fresh approach...

You Are Motivated, Start Well, But Struggle To Keep Training Without Burning Out...

Motivation is rarely an issue for athletes. But are you channelling you effort, time and dedication in the best way for you and your commitments? Do you find that you keep burning out half way through a training block or season, but can't figure out why? Everything you've tried seems to result in the same burnout and it's frustrating because you know you've got more to give...

You Keep Getting Derailed By Persistent Injuries Despite Doing All The Rehab Work...

Think about your triathlete friends and there's probbably someone nursing some kind of niggle or injury right now. Although common, it doesn't have to be this way. If you've been struggling to overcome a persistent injury or discomfort and it's holding you back from achieving your best, it's time to take a new approach. Running from one injury to the next is not how it needs to be. Let's find a more sustainable solution together.  

Imagine If You Could...

Finally Know How To Achieve The Results You Know You Can

Have The Energy To Train Hard Whilst Balancing Work & Family Life

Have The Certainty & Confidence To Commit To Your Training Plan

Understand The Real Formula To Long Term, Consistent Results

On-Demand Access To Proven Expertise & Professional Coaching

Overcome The Niggles & Frustrations Currently Holding You Back

Our Athletes At Their Best...

Greg Divall: World Sprint Championships Silver Ind & Team

Sarah Watson: Kona Ironman World Championships

Keith Murray: Challenge Peguera-Mallorca 2nd

Helen Ibbotson: 3rd female 45-49 Ironman 70.3 Portugal

What Our Athletes Say:

“I've always had the dream to become a professional triathlete. I felt I had the talent and the capacity, but at the same time I was afraid and insecure.

Then, I met Colin and we started working together. Through each training, coaching, conversations, he made me understand that all I needed was to believe and put myself out there.

Now I'm completing my first year as a professional and enjoying each phase of this process. What I've learned with Colin is that what really matters is the discipline to follow the plan, and the trust I put in it. Just as he trusted me about my own dream.

- Rafa

Your Team

Hi, I'm Colin Norris,
Head Coach at APB Works

I'm very proud to run APB, a team of ex-professional athletes, coaches and specialists who equip our athletes with the tools to maximise their potential in the time available to them. 

My approach to coaching draws on the invaluable mentorship I had from Trevor Simmons, Mike Trees (5 x Masters World Champ), and more recently, 2 x Hawaii Ironman World Champion, Luc Van Lierde.

APB coaching rejects a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Our coaching is designed to work around your life and work schedule and focus on developing your fitness, endurance and race-day performance while of course having fun!

As you can see from the achievements of our athletes, it's a formula that just works.

I've Been Where You Are Right Now...

I completely understand where you’re at, because we work with athletes like yourself every day. Myself and my team have seen it all, riders trying the latest norwegian training program, trying to juggle stress at work, home and in training, struggling to overcome persistent and recurring injuries despite doing all the boring physio work, to riders who were wasting hundreds if not thousands of pounds on fancy new equipment every month, like carbon wheels or ill-fitting aero helmets, in an attempt to buy their way to more speed.

I know this because I’ve been there myself. Over the ten years that I’ve been a professional triathlete and coach I’ve made ALL the mistakes! Jumping from one training plan to the next, convincing myself that recurring injuries were normal to thinking that the next fad would be the answer. 

It wasn’t until I re-discovered this often-forgotten methodology that my results really started to turn-around. In fact I ran my best Ironman Marathon time (2:46) in my last professional race. 

Since then I’ve been able to use this method to help hundreds of other triathletes, who were struggling in similar ways, get to the next level of performance without setbacks and frustrations that can so easily derail talented athletes.

Hear Dan's Story

Dan is a busy CEO, with a busy work schedule, looking for the best way to take on the challenge of an Ironman without compromising the rest of his life important commitments. 

“I began working with APB in 2019, where I was looking to take my game to another level, and also break the cycle of knee and calf injuries that plagued my season.

Straight away I noticed a difference, with APB being able to design a bespoke programme which worked for me around my work schedule. Since then, I have gone from strength to strength, integrating S&C work into my routine, to help me strengthen the right muscles, and be able to run faster and longer.

I really enjoy working with APB, they strike the perfect balance of encouraging rest and time off when it is required, but also working me hard and pushing me. I have reached a level of fitness I didn’t know I had, whilst also enjoying the journey.“

- Sally Emerson

The Complete Triathlete Can Access...

The Complete Triathlete is the fastest and more assured pathway to achieving the race results you've been looking for. This is not some generic training plan or automated group coaching programme. This is an honest, fully individualised and completely tailored process, to take you all the way from where you are right now, to the finishing chute, by leveraging the incredible expertise and experience we have on tap.

Real 1-1 Coaching & Mentoring

Honest, bespoke guidance with a dedicated coach matched to your needs, goals and experience.  

Unlimited Communication

Communication is the real key to success. We're with you all the way and when you need it.  

Life, Work, Training Balance

So many athletes struggle even to get to the start line due to life pressures. We specialise in developing balanced and happy athletes! 

Proven Multi Disciplinary Experts

Triathlon requires many skillsets. We've built a network of the best experts in all knowledge areas, swim, bike, run, nutrition, strength, rehab, mental health and more.

1-1 Swim Technique Analysis

Struggling with your stroke? Or want to find more speed? We can provide dedicated 1-1 stroke analysis. 

1-1 Run Gait & Efficiency Analysis

Is your run your achilles heel? Nail your run form and technique and turn your running into your strength.

Bike Fit & Aerodynamic Testing

Access next level bike fitting at the Iconic Lee Valley Velodrome with unrivalled real world testing and even wind tunnel testing for the ultimate performance. 

Olympic Level Qualified Nutritionist 

Often thought of as the 4th discipline, but often misunderstood or under developed. Nailing your nutrition during training AND racing is essential. 

Precision Sweat Testing & Analysis

Often overlooked but we've seen this as the key to unlocking the next level of performance for so many athletes. Understand yourself better to race faster. 

Triathlon Physiotherapy

We work with health practitioners who understand the specific needs of triathletes so you get relevant and actionable advice that's actually going to work! 

Strength Training For Endurance Athletes

The forgotten discipline that so many endurance athletes lack but is critical to develop great form and prevent injuries. Strength will take you to the next level.

Race Planning From Start To Finish

From choosing the right race for you, to planning a season of training to reach your goal, to detailed race day preparation. We're with you all the way!

How We Can Help You Eliminate The Guesswork And Train With Confidence

The Proven Method That Works For Athletes Of All Levels & Experiences

Our athletes have finished on the podiums of some of the most prestigious races in the world from Kona to World Championship competitions, in professional and age-group levels.


However the majority of athletes we take to the next level are hard working parents and professionals seeking the same level of success in their sport as they have achieved in their work.  

The Only Way To Maximise Your Time And Guarantee Results For Your Effort

If your time is precious and you want ensure that every ounce of effort that you are putting in to your training is driving you in the right direction, then why waste time wrestling with uncertainty, or jumping from one training plan to the next?


Follow the clear path we can give you and invest your time and energy into actions that will guarantee a positive return.   

Every Plan Is Bespoke To You, So You Can Train With Clarity, Certainty & Confidence

You are not average. We treat all our ahtletes as individuals, with unique histories, circumstances goals and ambitions. Only by really getting to know you, can we provide you with a training programme that makes sense to you... That is relevant to you... And will make a difference you. If you can see the logic of the plan then you can train with clear intent, commitment and the confidence that you will become the best you can be. 

You Don't Have To Do This Alone. Success Is Built From Having The Right Team Around You. 

Behind every great athlete, professional or age-group, is an exceptional team. And you are no different. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you have to do this on your own. Instead choose the team who has your best interests at heart. Choose the team with the right experience, knowledge and skills to build your success. Get more done, faster, more effectively and with less stress.  

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Start Your Journey To Race Success Today!

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Athlete Successes

What Our Athletes Are Saying

Colin is arguably the best coach an athlete could hope for. What sets him apart is his ability to understand his athletes from a multi faceted view point. I gave Colin the somewhat difficult task of coaching me to complete my first Ironman race (IM UK in 2018) with only 6 months lead in. Not only being a rookie in the sport of Ironman, I also had a young family to raise whilst training. Colin checked in on how I felt after each session and used feedback to intelligently engineer my program. I landed on the podium in my age group at Ironman UK and won a slot to compete at the Ironman World Championships in Kona. Crossing the finish line at Kona was as dream and I could not have done it without Colin

Sarah WatsonSarah WatsonKona World Champs

When I first met APB I couldn’t swim more than 50 meters without stopping and thought easy sessions were for lazy people. Four years later they've coached me to a 9hr 45 ironman and a 4hr 35 70.3. In that time my plan has changed tremendously, and APB have adapted their approach to my goals and capability. They are patient, supportive, tough when they need to be and I think most importantly for a busy age grouper, care about the person as much as helping you reach your potential in performance. You won’t regret it!

GuyGuy9:45 Ironman PB

I have been coached by Colin for the past 2 years now and it's been the best year in sport so far, he has helped me unlock the potential i didn´t realise I had. Focused on training, recovering, nutrition which has aided me to completing bucket list races including lronman Copenhagen in 2023 with a sub 10 hour performance! I Couldn't have reached this level without his support.

Dom TrusloveDom TrusloveSub 10 Ironman Copenhagen

Finally Achieve The Results You Deserve

Find out if you would be a good fit for our programme and discover how to achieve the certainty and confidence to race at your best. 

Frequently asked questions

It is natural to think ‘Will this really work for me?’.
Our track record with hundreds of athletes proves that if you work hard and commit, you will achieve remarkable results too. But if you are still unsure, here are the answers to the most common questions we get asked on a daily basis. 

How do I know if this will really work for me?We've taken hundreds of athletes to PBs and podiums around the world. The results speak for themselves. If you are still not sure, get in touch for your free initial consultation so we can understand more about you and your background, answer any questions that you have, and you can work out if we would be a good fit for the programme.

I'm not good enough to need this level of coaching...We have proven results with athletes from every walk of life. Whether you are a first timer or an aspiring professional we really believe in giving people access to some of the best professionals in their field. The only pre-requisite for the programme is to be open to learn and take on a collaborative approach to being a better athlete.

I've had a bad experience with coaching before, how are you different?Communication is central to what we do, and we appreciate that the needs and priorities of our athletes vary as time goes on. This is why our comms (via email, call, WhatsApp) are unlimited and individually led. We put the athlete first and fully appreciate that whilst racing goals are important they come with the competing demands of work, life and relationships.

I'm already being 'coached' as part of a club, how is this different?Being part of a club is a great way to keep training sociable and fun and if this important to you we can easily factor club sessions into the programme. Our approach is individual but a mix of club and individual sessions can work very well if managed carefully.

How much does this coaching programme cost?This depends on your specific needs but we will tailor the package cost and duration to achieve the best outcome for you. Typically prices start from £1899 for a 3 month package which provides exceptional value.

I'm already an experienced triathlete, what more can this programme give me?It´s really important for us first to understand the approach you have taken to date, the success you´ve had and then to identify some of the areas we feel could improve. We really try to cover all angles where performance is concerned ranging from your bike fit, biomechanics, swim technique and strength programme. This is a "no stone unturned" approach.

I ´always get injured´, how will this be managed?Being healthy and injury free is our first priority when building a plan for you, that's why  part of our coaching package is an initial physical assessment from musculoskeletal physiotherapist Laura Fidler. This will give us first hand knowledge of any imbalances, weaknesses and propensity for injury. We can then build a specific strength programme around this followed by some 1-1 strength training with our strength coach Stuart Frew. It´s our job as coaches to manage the load, intensity and frequency of your sessions to minimise the injury risk to you.

How long does this coaching programme last?We usually offer two programme options, one for three months and one for six months. Ongoing 121 coaching tailored to your needs and goals can be arranged thereafter.

How can you provide a 100% satisfaction guarantuee?Honestly, our programme is not going to be the best fit for everyone, which is why we are very particular in choosing the right athletes to work with us. We only choose those we we are confident are a good fit and so can guarantee improvement if the coaching methods are followed. As part of the programme you will have access to some of the best people in their field working together to give you the best chance of success from the time and energy available to you. We aim to make you a more independent, empowered athlete able to make better training and racing decisions during and when the programme has ended.

I'm already working with a coach, what do I do now?Get in touch via our initial consultation and let´s discuss your current approach and whether we can help.

Is it even possible to fit in all my training into an already hectic work / life schedule?Balancing the competing demands of work, life and training is often the hardest part in the build up to a big event such as an Ironman, but with careful forward planning and great communication it is possible. One of the first things we do as coaches is work from the race backwards and periodise the training around your work, travel and holiday commitments so the compromise is minimised.

Athlete Stories...