Cut through all the conflicting information and marketing hype. Discover the proven method that allows you to choose the ideal new bike for you and supercharge your riding!

Choose The Right Bike With Knowledge,
Not Guesswork!

How Do You Like Your Odds?

It's incredibly simple to squander your hard-earned money on an attractive bicycle without any certainty that it will fit you, let alone provide the handling and ride quality you desire.


The likelihood that every single component on a stock bike, from stem, to handlebars, to cranks, to saddle is the correct size and  adjusted right for you straight out of the box, is less than 1.6%


So how can a smart rider get the ride they want without wasting precious time and hard-earned money? 

Avoid The Modern Traps

Online shopping makes buying the wrong bike far too easy. Sizing charts based on height and inseam length are woefully inadequate. Your local bike shop may not have the necessary knowledge or an impartial view to find the right bike for you. And even the manufacturers are making it difficult by proliferating proprietary parts and unabdjustable, integrated cockpits.  


Get it wrong and you’re looking at a very expensive and time consuming  trip to a mechanic to re-bleed and recable your entire cockpit. Or at the very worst, send back an entire bike.

There Is a Better Way

Our team at Foundation has over half a century of bike industry experience, so we’ve seen all the changes that have taken place and all the building confusion that is now frustrating so many modern bike riders. 


Thankfully there is a better way to give you the clarity and certainty that you need, to buy the best bike for you.


Ensure that the time and money that you’re about to invest in your bike is going to give you the ride that you want, from the moment you pick it up!

What Our Riders Say:

“I was introduced to Foundation Fit when I was looking to buy a gravel bike. They have helped get the frame and component sizes right that avoids all the faff and expense later swapping out bars and stems but best bit was changing to shorter cranks. This has been a total revolution.

They have been super patient and accommodating. They have a wealth of experience (that pointed me in the right direction to get a seat post unstuck) and a dazzling array of saddle types to try out at their base at the Olympic Velodrome, Nice! “

- Adrian Campbell

What You Might Have Been Experiencing

I'm In-between Sizes

All the sizing charts and caluclators are too vague. If you find you fit inbetween sizes, this is an all too common problem we resolve on a daily basis. You are a individual with a unique body & specifc riding goals.  

Is That Right For Me?

If you're getting confused by all the marketing jargon, geometry charts and component options, it's time to level-up your knowledge from trusted experts. The more you know the better decisions you can make. 

Conflicting Opinions

Every Tom, Dick & Harry with social media account is now an 'expert' with an opinion. Cut through the chatter and myths. Be guided by knowledgable practitioners with real-world experience & a proven record. 

I Dont Know...

Many retailers simply do not have the experience or knowledge to cater for all the different cycling discplines. In our team we have over 25 years of riding & coaching experience from MTB to triathlon. If it's got two wheels, we've done it! 

We Guarantee Results

Unlike retailers who are ultimately out to sell product, our only job is to help you and riding. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and will keep working with you till we get to the end results that you've been looking for.  

Who Can I Trust?

We Don’t Sell Bikes… We Are Impartial. As an independent studio we have no obligations to any particular brands, we can offer you a completely unbiased service. So you know we only ever have your best interests to heart.

What Our Riders Say:

“Had a full fit with Mat before purchasing a gravel/touring bike, and then a follow up session once I had bought it.

Mat was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and explained everything he was changing and adjusting.

I had been nervous getting a fit as a relatively beginner female cyclist, but felt super comfortable through both the sessions and couldn’t recommend it more!“

- Alex Reid

What You Can Expect From Us

Sizing Starts With The Jig

This machine allows us replicate ANY bike position, so we can determine the ideal options for each of your contact points unrestricted by a frame. Once we’ve found these, using our CAD software, we can translate these contact points onto a real bike.

We’re With You All The Way

This is a comprehensive service where we research and advise which bike models will best suit your body proportions, riding style and ambitions. We will then set up the new bike exactly to your fit requirements and test it out on the Velopark road or mountain bike circuit.

Access 100+ Test Saddles

We have an ever growing saddle library from which you can test and borrow, to figure out the ideal perch for you. No one in London can offer such choice, variety and knowledge about the most critical contact point on your bike.  

Complete Library Of Components

Similar to the saddle library, our studio holds a vast inventory of contact point options from different aerobar extension shapes, handlebar shapes for road, TT, gravel and track, mountain bike grips, shifter hoods, insoles, arch support and crank length down to 155mm.

In-depth Video Analysis

If you can visualise you position, you can understand your position. What your body thinks it is doing is often not what is happening in reality. So we place great emphasis on recording and analysing your position with high definition video from 360 degrees. 

Ideal Position Comprehensively Recorded

Providing a clear, comprehensive and easy to understand record of your bike fit is an essential part of the process that so many other outfits fall down on. If we're going to spend 3-4 hours with you honing your position, we're going make sure it is recorded well!

Bike CAD Drawings & Measurements

We can produce a CAD drawing for every bike that we recommend, so you can understand quickly and easily, exactly what that new bike will look like. Mechanics and frame builders will also appreciate the clarity of the information, so building your new bike is a breeze. 

Custom Geometry Design

We work regualrly with some of the best custom frame builder in the world like Saffron, Spoon Customs, Isen, Donhou, Howler, Festka etc. Pick our brains about the finer details of geometry, handling and the little tricks of the trade which you didn't even know were possible!

Impartial Whole Market Advice

We don't sell bikes. We’re an independent studio and all we are interested in is finding the best fit for you. Since we have no obligations to any particular brands, we can offer you a completely impartial service. So you know we only ever have your best interests to heart.

Liasing With Your Frame Builder

Communication is king. The chain of operations for a new bike purchase can be complicated, but we are always on hand to help out. We are always happy to liaise directly with suppliers and builders to provide a quicker and more accurate service. 

Free Follow-up Fit With New Bike

When you are the proud owner of your new steed, then you must bring it back to us for the final set up. We want to ensure that your position is absolutely spot on for you and we can even make some tweaks if things have changed since the initial session.

Unlimited Communication

Once again, we are here for you. We are here to guide you, answer your questions, provide reassurance and go on the journey with you as your trusted advisor. We care about the outcome as much as you do so don't be shy and let find your dream bike together. 

Customer Success

What Our Riders Say:

I went in for a new bike fit and can't recommend Wei enough. He's incredibly passionate about what he does, professional and fun at the same time too.

You'll come away with a much more comfortable (and pain free!!) position on the bike & an overall much better understanding of what to look for in a new bike.

100% recommend it, and worth every penny! Thanks again Wei, you rock.

Luke MillsLuke MillsBike Packer

"What is most impressive is the depth of knowledge and experience.

Having seen the nuance that goes into finding the best riding position and how individual it is, I can’t imagine spending money on a bike without having a fit like this.

I would strongly advise anyone planning to purchase a bike or experiencing discomfort while cycling to book a session with Foundation Fit. It is worth every penny."

Charlie RihoyCharlie RihoyTriathlete

"I was blown away by the bike sizing service. The session was extremely thorough and I came away with not only considered and unbiased recommendations about which new bike to choose and how to configure my new set-up, but also with suggestions about how to prevent injury though strength and conditioning which have already made a difference.

Wei is extremely knowledgable and was quick to respond to any queries I had before and after the session."

Anna HarborowAnna HarborowRoad & Track

Start Your Journey To A Better Ride Today!

What ever level of rider you are, our team will painstakingly tailor your position and find the dream ride you’ve been looking for.

Frequently asked questions

It is natural to think ‘Will this really work for me?’. Our track record with thousands of riders proves that if you work hard and commit, you will achieve remarkable results too. But if you are still unsure, here are the answers to the most common questions we get asked.

“How can you be sure this will work for me?”We know that our processes and methods work because it has been proven across 1000s of cyclists. However it does take two to tango when it comes to bike fit. Good results can only be achieved if both fitter and rider are willing to work at a problem and explore all potential solutions together. This is why we describe our fit process as a partnership. Bike fitting is not a simple magic bullet or a prescription. But if you’re willing to be open minded, come with a learning mindset, work hard and take control of your fit, great things can happen! But if you’re having doubts or still have any questions on your mind, you need to answer these before you commit to a fit.

“I’m not a professional rider, my bike doesn’t need to fit perfectly”It’s so common for riders to think that they need to be a professional athlete to benefit from a bike fit. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 99.9% of our bike fits are done with amateur riders. Anyone who values their riding and rides their bike regularly can benefit from a fit. You make around 10,000 pedal strokes an hour. Would you rather repeat 10,000 good pedal strokes, or 10,000 poor ones? If you are going to invest many, many hours into riding your bike, why hold yourself back with a poor position?

“I’ve had bad experiences with bike fitting in the past”We are different. Our whole fitting ethos centres around providing as much knowledge as we can to our riders, so you can truly understand why certain choices will work for you and others won’t. The more you know, the better decisions you can make, for you! There is no ‘secret sauce’ we are hiding, just honest, education and guidance. Our track record backs this up!

“Bike fitting is expensive”How much does your bike cost? How much do your wheels cost? How much does your cycling wardrobe cost? Yes, cycling can be expensive, but a bike fit is the best value investment you can make for your long term health and riding. It will last you years, it will enable you to travel thousands of kilometres, it will help you become stronger, fitter and stave off injuries. And you can transfer it from bike to bike. Bike fitting is not sexy and it is not easy. It requires time, hard work and commitment. But the rewards are ten-fold. Remember, nothing really worth doing is easy!

“I’ve been riding for years without a bike fit, why do I need one now?”Cycling is a low impact, repetitive sport, conducted upon the most efficient form of transport known to man. This means you can get away with repeating poor movement patterns for years and your body will easily find a way to absorb that additional poor movement stress. Some bodies are better at dealing with that additional stress than others. But the more stress you load onto your body, at some point it is going to catch up with you. Trust me, I’ve been there myself and part of the reason why I became a bike fitter. The other constant that you should be aware of is that our bodies change. You body is not the same as it was 5 years ago! Bike positions should change to match your body, your mobility, your abilities and your current riding goals. If you need help figuring this out, seek advice from an expert, come get a bike fit.

What will I take away from the session?Recording your final position is an essential part of every fit. You fit should be replicable and the measurements clear to understand. After your fit your will receive:
– A written report: detailing what we have done in the session and why
– Bike measurements: recording your bike position
– Bike CAD diagrams: drawings of your position mockedup onto new potential bikes
– Google Drive folder: for holding your records
– Google Photos folder: visual record of your fit
– List of recommended new bikes: based on your fit, riding goals and budget
– Continued communication: We're here to help your through each step of the process
– Free Follow-up Fit: To set up your new bike to your fit.
– New found clarity, confidence and knowledge!

What types of bikes do you cater for?We cater for every kind of bike on the market from Triathlon bikes, to mountain bikes, to tandems and cargo bikes. With our 25+ years of industry experience, we've seen and worked with everything!

Why are you more expensive than most other studios?We offer a unique service and can deliver proven results. Just check out our 225+ 5 star Google reviews. 

For example, no one else in the country has a world class test track for road, gravel and mountain bikes on their door step.

We can literally take you and your new bike out and analyse your riding in the real world. So we can offer a level of assurance and quality than no-one else can rival.

Although we maybe top of the market and offer the best service, we actually offer incredible value for money. If you're about to spend more than £1000 on a new bike, then ask yourself what is the value of being able to guarantee you are going to get a bike that will fit your perfectly, ride like a dream and potentially have decades of longevity.

First Race After Working With Us...

Congratulations to Charlie and Helen who raced Ironman Cascais on their new TT bikes, shortly after going through the buying process with us. Both raced personal bests and Helen even bagged a podium spot. The right bike, with the right position and for the right athlete makes all the difference!

Take Control Of Your Next Bike Purchase

Let's work together to create an experience that will finally give you the clarity and confidence to buy the right bike for you.

The Best Investment You Can Make For Your Riding

Buying the right bike is the best way to invest in your health and achieve long term results. Here are just some of the reasons to partner with us on your bike fitting journey.


Guarantueed Results

Your success is our priority. Follow our process and we guarantee you will find your ideal fit.

Proven Track Record

200+ 5 Star Google Reviews.
The top rate bike fitter in London.

Real World Experience

Tap into the combined knowledge & experience of our team, earned over 3000+ fits.

(2012) Olympic Venue

Access unrivalled facilities including our outdoor Road & MTB test circuits.

Save Yourself Time & Money

Tap into the combined knowledge & experience of our team, earned over 3000+ fits.

Prevent Future Injuries

Access unrivalled facilities including our outdoor Road & MTB test circuits.

Avoid Unnecessary Furstration

Tap into the combined knowledge & experience of our team, earned over 3000+ fits.

Be The Smart Athlete

Access unrivalled facilities including our outdoor Road & MTB test circuits.

What Our Riders Say:

“If you are half serious about cycling then a bike fitting is arguably as important as your bike. Foundation Bike Fit are absolute masters at it.

Spending a few hours with Wei and Mat at the stunning Olympic Velopark is a hugely enjoyable experience as they’ll make dozens and dozens of adjustments and measurements whilst sharing many anecdotes and insights about cycling and triathlon.

Most importantly it will also leave you considerably more comfortable on your bike – but also much faster.

You’ll never regret it once you’ve experienced it. They are that good.“

– Oliver Cardigan

Master The Market:
Buy With
Confidence & Clarity

Never feel lost in the market again. We will work with you every step of the way. From figuring out your ideal position, the right geometry, to ultimately setting up your new dream bike exactly to your specifications.

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