The 5 Most Costly Mistakes Cyclists Make When Choosing A New
High-End Bike

In this FREE guide, you'll learn how to cut through all the conflicting information and marketing hype to discover the most accurate and reliable method for choosing the right new bike for you.   

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What You Will Learn...

Buy With Clarity, Not Guesswork

The more you know, the better decisions you can make. Avoid bike shops and websites taking you for a ride. Take control.

Avoid The Integration Trap

Aerodynamics has a cost. Find out if an integrated cockpit is actually going to make you faster before you commit. 

Access Impartial Expertise & Knowledge

Bike shops want to sell you their bikes. Find out how you can navigate the multitude of choices with confidence and certainty.   

Understand Geometry & Sizing

Finally understand how what geometry actually works for your unique physiology, riding goals and map it to the right size bike.

Hi, I’m Wei, an IBFI & Torke certified, independent bike fitter based at the iconic 2012 London Olympic Velodrome. Over the last 15 years, together with my team, I've been helping cyclists and triathletes navigate the complexity of choosing the right sized bike for their riding goals. 


With modern manufacturers integrating ever more complex systems and proprietary equipment into their bikes, and the price of bikes sky-rocketing, its so easy for riders to be mis-sold. This is why we've created this guide.


We want you to be armed with the right information and knowledge so you can make buying decisions that actually suit your riding needs!


Without this, you will continue to waste unnecessary time trying to understand your sizing issues and potentially make a bike purchase you'll regret. 

Wei-Ho Ng

Director & Lead Bike Fitter, Foundation Bike Fit


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What Our Customer's
Are Saying

Adrian Campbell

“I was introduced to Foundation Fit when I was looking to buy a gravel bike. They have helped get the frame and component sizes right that avoids all the faff and expense later swapping out bars and stems but best bit was changing to shorter cranks. This has been a total revolution.


They have been super patient and accommodating. They have a wealth of experience (that pointed me in the right direction to get a seat post unstuck) and a dazzling array of saddle types to try out at their new base at the Olympic Velodrome, Nice! “

Charlotte Rihoy

"I had a fit at Foundation Fit ahead of buying my first time trial bike. I was hugely impressed by how tailored the session was to my goals and how they were able to analyse the idiosyncrasies of my movements patterns in order to find my optimum position on the bike.


The equipment Foundation Fit uses means that every element of your riding position can be adjusted during the fit. What is most impressive though is the depth of their knowledge and experience.

Having seen the nuance that goes into finding the best riding position and how individual it is, I can’t imagine spending money on a bike without having a fit like this."

Luke Mills

"I went in for a new bike fit and can't recommend Wei enough. He's incredibly passionate about what he does, professional and fun at the same time too. As we stepped through the process, Wei explained along the way why he was doing what he was doing.


You'll come away with a much more comfortable (and pain free!!) position on the bike & an overall much better understanding of what to look for in a new bike. 100% recommend it, and worth every penny! Thanks again Wei, you rock!"

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Privacy Policy: We HATE Spam. We will never share or sell your information to a 3rd Party.

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