Bike Fitting

Foundation brings professional bike fitting to your doorstep. With none of the hassle of travelling to a studio, packing your bike into a car, searching for parking spaces, simply select a preferred location, time and date for your fit and we’ll come to you.


£100 | 1.5 HOURS

Ideal for:
– New riders
– Setting up a new bike
– Position checkup
– Time-crunched riders


£145 | 2-3 HOURS

Ideal for:
– Club & sportive riders
– Recording your position
– Injury prevention
– Cleat positioning


£185 | 3-4 HOURS

Ideal for:
– Triathlon, TT & racers
– Performance focus
– Addressing specific injuries
– Foot & shoe correction

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What Our Riders Think

Wei-Ho is an exceptionally attentive and conscientious fitter, and very generous with his time. I’ve been very happy with his fits to several of my bikes, had a couple of follow up visits, and made extensive use of his saddle library. He’s a class act.

Thank you so much for such a brilliant bike fit. I thought your approach was excellent, and I really enjoyed learning about the process. TBOD and I were out riding in the Cotswolds and the Peaks this weekend, and she felt great. I can also feel myself having to use other muscles in my legs, which have obviously been underused to date, so fingers crossed for more improvements!

I think I got more out of the bike fit than perhaps I even expected, I love all the feedback pdf’s that I can refer back to. I appreciated the video footage which enables you to see how you actually cycle; the ability to try a change, adjust it & then adjust again; the capture of all dimensions for future reference/bike buying.

I used Wei from Foundation Fit. I know him from my triathlon club. I love his way of dealing with people found his fit really good, focusing on my areas of concern. I subsequently recommended him to my cycling club and he’s received rave reviews, especially from the more “serious” cyclists.