Bike Fitting

Foundation brings professional bike fitting to your doorstep. With none of the hassle of travelling to a studio, packing your bike into a car, searching for parking spaces, simply select a preferred location, time and date for your fit and we’ll come to you.


£100 | 1.5 HOURS

Ideal for:
– New riders
– Setting up a new bike
– Position checkup
– Time-crunched riders


£165 | 2-3 HOURS

Ideal for:
– Club & sportive riders
– Recording your position
– Injury prevention
– Cleat positioning


£195 | 3-4 HOURS

Ideal for:
– Triathlon, TT & racers
– Performance focus
– Addressing specific injuries
– Cleat optimisation & insoles

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What Our Riders Think

I recently booked for a full fit/ cleat positioning with Foundation Fit after hearing several good recommendations. I was massively impressed, it was great to do the session at home and Wei’s a great guy so it was a really enjoyable few hours. Lots of fine adjustments to my set up made a huge difference to the feel on the bike and its really settled my IT pain so I would definitely recommend anyone considering a fit to get it done. I learned a lot along the way too. Not sure why i’ve waited so many years to be honest!

Also a big +1 to the after session support, I got lots of further advice on new bike purchasing, and updated CAD drawings too specific for the new build. Definitely not a case of turn up, one fit and thats your lot which I think is pretty important.

It was enjoyable to work with you, you were very thorough clear and consistent in your instructions and advice! I could really see the different between the before and after video. And now I feel more confident in the bike, knowing that it is the correct fit for me.

I think I got more out of the bike fit than perhaps I even expected, I love all the feedback pdf’s that I can refer back to. I appreciated the video footage which enables you to see how you actually cycle; the ability to try a change, adjust it & then adjust again; the capture of all dimensions for future reference/bike buying.

I honestly wish I’d done this so much sooner, with the changes from the fit increasing my enjoyment of my bike and relieving me of the former agony of riding! Wei has so much knowledge and passion for cycling that I learnt loads through out the fit. The mobile set up with quick and easy, it was definitely a plus being able to do it at home. I can’t recommend this fitting service enough.