Bike Fitting

Foundation brings professional bike fitting to your doorstep. With none of the hassle of travelling to a studio, packing your bike into a car, searching for parking spaces, simply select a preferred location, time and date for your fit and we’ll come to you.


£100 | 1.5 HOURS

Ideal for:
– New riders
– Setting up a new bike
– Position checkup
– Time-crunched riders


£165 | 2-3 HOURS

Ideal for:
– Club & sportive riders
– Recording your position
– Injury prevention
– Cleat positioning


£195 | 3-4 HOURS

Ideal for:
– Triathlon, TT & racers
– Performance focus
– Addressing specific injuries
– Cleat optimisation & insoles

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What Our Riders Think

Very pleasant experience. Did not feel pushed at all.

Thank you. I don’t have any ache in my pelvis now, even after long rides!

Foundation Bike Fit exceeded all expectations. Wei-Ho does not only work relaxed and meticulous, but answered all the questions that arose during and after the fit including later via email and social media. Foundation also shares invaluable knowledge through social media. And the best thing of all, Wei-Ho comes to your door unlike others where you have to go to their door.

I really appreciated knowing exactly how my bike should fit, receiving all the stats at the end, and also all the extra details such as your tips on hip flexor stretches etc. It felt like you went above and beyond just the bike fit. Best of all My feet don’t go numb anymore after adjusting my cleats!