Bike Fitting

Foundation brings professional bike fitting to your doorstep. With none of the hassle of travelling to a studio, packing your bike into a car, searching for parking spaces, simply select a preferred location, time and date for your fit and we’ll come to you.


£100 | 1.5 HOURS

Ideal for:
– New riders
– Setting up a new bike
– Position checkup
– Time-crunched riders


£145 | 2-3 HOURS

Ideal for:
– Club & sportive riders
– Recording your position
– Injury prevention
– Cleat positioning


£185 | 3-4 HOURS

Ideal for:
– Triathlon, TT & racers
– Performance focus
– Addressing specific injuries
– Foot & shoe correction

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What Our Riders Think

Break through! So I did 100km ride on Saturday and experienced no-where near the same pain in my upper back/right of left shoulder blade. Overall massive improvement – thank you!

Foundation Bike Fit exceeded all expectations. Wei-Ho does not only work relaxed and meticulous, but answered all the questions that arose during and after the fit including later via email and social media. Foundation also shares invaluable knowledge through social media. And the best thing of all, Wei-Ho comes to your door unlike others where you have to go to their door.

Multiple friends recommended a bike fit after I got a niggle in the knee. The Foundation fit 100% met my goals of riding pain free and with more confidence.

Very friendly and professional! I had Wei coming over to my flat a week ago to correct pretty much…everything on my bike and improve my position! Having a bad posture led to a minor knee injury after using the turbo for the first time, so I urgently called Wei to fix me! A week later, I’ve been using my bike for commuting daily and have already seen the improvements! My shoulders are relaxed and not up-tight anymore, my saddle feels more comfortable and changing the position of my cleats gives me now the feeling that I step on a wider platform than before! Can’t wait to do my first 100km ride for the year to see the difference! Wei is highly recommended and has fitted many people in ICC who are all happy customers!
Also, my dog seemed to be wanting to be the centre of attention… A big THANK YOU to Wei for being so patient and so sweet with my grumpy old dog! 😀

Five great reasons to choose FOUNDATION

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