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There was a time when bike sizes across different brands were comparable. With the explosion of modern bike geometries, new frame materials, brands introducing proprietary ‘systems’, the market has become a confusing place for the customer. How different is a 55cm frame to 56cm frame? Is that equivalent to a size Large? Where do I cut my integrated seat mast? Will those integrated aero bars & stem fit me? What is ‘Women’s Specific Geometry’?

If you’re looking for a new bike, but are unsure what what size you need, then our bike sizing service will give you clarity.

Sizing starts with a session on the bike fit jig. This machine allows us replicate any position. We can determine the best options for each of your contact points (Handlebar dimensions, stem length & angle, saddle choice, cleat position etc.) And once we’ve found these, we can figure out how to translate these contact points onto a bike.

We don’t just stop at telling you what size bike you need. This is a comprehensive service where we research and advise which bike models will best suit your proportions, riding style and ambitions.

With over 15 years of experience within the cycling industry, Foundation offers combines a vast product knowledge, riding experience with fitting expertise to find the right bike for you. Best of all we offer a completely impartial service. Although we have a studio in Cloud 9 cycles, we’re an independent company and have no obligations to any particular brands. So you know we only ever have your best interests to heart.

We’ll mock up your measurements on BikeCAD so you can visualise your new bike / position. We can also design custom frame geometry if you’re having a bespoke frame made for you. We’ve been lucky enough to have worked with frame builders such as Spoon Customs, Quirk, Saffron, Talbolt and Isen amongst many others.

Finally, once you are the proud owner of your new steed, we can help set up the new bike exactly to your fit requirements. We’re with you from start to finish.

Pre-fit interview
All disciplines:
Rd, Tri, TT, Mtb, Gravel, Commute
Dynamic bike fit on jig
In-depth component testing
e.g. saddles, bars, aerobars, cleats
Video analysis
Ideal position recorded
Personal Google Drive folder
Bike CAD measurements
Liaising with your frame builder
Post-fit written report
Independent buying recommendations
FREE follow-up fit / new bike setup
(Within 3 months of initial fit)
Creating a custom geometry frame design inc.

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“I was very impressed by the bike sizing service and would highly recommend if you are in the market for a new bike. The session was extremely thorough and I came away with not only considered and unbiased recommendations about which new bike to choose and how to configure my new set-up, but also with suggestions about how to prevent injury though strength and conditioning which have already made a difference. They are extremely knowledgeable and quick to respond to any queries I had before and after the session.”
– Anna Harborow