If you are half serious about cycling then a bike fitting is arguably as important as your bike. Foundation Bike Fit are absolute masters at it.

Spending a few hours with Wei and Mat at the stunning Olympic Velopark is a hugely enjoyable experience as they’ll make dozens and dozens of adjustments and measurements whilst sharing many anecdotes and insights about cycling and triathlon.

Most importantly it will also leave you considerably more comfortable on your bike – but also much faster.

You’ll never regret the cost once you’ve experienced it. They are that good.

– Oliver Cardigan, June 2023

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Ian ParsonsIan Parsons
08:30 29 Sep 23
Mat went above and beyond during the bike fit to not only get me more comfortable on my bike, but to explain what and why changes were being made. I have had bike fits in the past... but foundation bike fit is worlds apart both in the understanding on the day and the information relayed in your fit report..Great people and a great service.. thanks again..
Ipek OzelIpek Ozel
15:25 26 Sep 23
Wei is very helpful and he explained everything clearly. It was very interesting and fun to see how small changes can make a big difference. I cycled from London to Amsterdam after our session and the bike felt very comfortable. Thanks so much Wei!
Cosimo CherubiniCosimo Cherubini
13:58 22 Sep 23
Fantastic! no other words needed.The session started with me explaining the problems I was facing. Than Matt took some videos of me riding and show me to explain what I could have improved. Then we tested different settings (lower saddle, shorter handlebar, ecc.) till we found the optimal position. 100% worth the investment
Karim FodaKarim Foda
17:55 17 Sep 23
Absolutely amazing. My fitting and follow up was with Matt Walton and everything about the experience was great. I came in suffering from a lot of back pain whenever I got on my bike and within the space of 2 sessions that was completely removed. Highly recommend.
Charlotte RihoyCharlotte Rihoy
13:29 08 Sep 23
I had a fit with Mat at Foundation Fit ahead of buying my first time trial bike. I was hugely impressed by how tailored the session was to my goals and how Mat was able to analyse the idiosyncrasies of my movements patterns in order to find my optimum position on the bike. The equipment Foundation Fit uses means that every element of your riding position can be adjusted during the fit. What is most impressive though is the depth of Mat’s knowledge and experience.Having seen the nuance that goes into finding the best riding position and how individual it is, I can’t imagine spending money on a bike without having a fit like this.I would strongly advise anyone planning to purchase a bike or experiencing discomfort while cycling to book a session with Foundation Fit. It is worth every penny.
Liam VercettiLiam Vercetti
12:59 07 Sep 23
Fantastic experience, after having a terrible Fit at another shop in London I was apprehensive. However, Mat and Wei helped me understand the cause of my issues and solved them.
Ryan MooreRyan Moore
18:20 03 Sep 23
I had a bike fit with Mat in Aug 2023 for a newly purchased bike. Mat was very professional from start to finish; I learnt an awful lot and had fun along the way.Mat helped me understand some historic IT band issues, with recommondations on stretches and how the bike fit can help out with this specific issue. Also from the initial assessment, he was able to pin point other areas that weren't 'quite right'; not noticeable to me riding the bike but after some time on the saddle would (and has in the past) resulted in some discomfort. The before and after videos made this extremely obvious!A new stem length was recommended, with the saddle height and position altered to my specific needs. The bike feels considerably better after multiple long rides; difference for me has been very noticeable (positively of course). I had followed up with numerous questions via email post-fit and Mat responded with extremely detailed answers; clearly put a lot of thought into it and more than happy to share his knowledge - this was very much appreciated.Great experience, would 100% return to them, and recommend.
bob dynowskibob dynowski
12:56 01 Sep 23
On the recommendation of Brixton cycling club members i booked a bike fit with Matt. I had not quite expected how thorough and illuminating the 4 hours would be. Or just how many saddle choices would be offered. I definetly now know my own limitations physiologically, what to do to improve flexibility and the dreaded posterior chain (!). Matt has continued to engage with me over saddle and seat post lay back options to accomodate me and the bikes frame. Very highly recommended.
Simeon Pereira-MadderSimeon Pereira-Madder
12:04 01 Sep 23
Went to Foundation for a performance fit primarily to resolve issues I have with pain and discomfort, but also to see if I can get more aero and hold that position sustainably.I race track pretty much exclusively (Track League and Vets League at HHV and Full Gas Track League at LVV) so there's not much shifting of position or resting or changing gear to alleviate any of the litany of niggles that I've accumulated over the years (old calf injury, herniated disc, various arthritic joints, persistent cramp in feet, perineal pressure, etc). I'd attempted to 'correct' some of this myself and had a previous fit elsewhere too, but the discomforts remained.Wei and Matt went through a host of off-bike assessments and set up changes and arrived at a new position, new saddle and differently supported left foot which seems to have made quite a large difference for me (in terms of cramp and perineal pressure alleviation) so in a race scenario I am more comfortable and able to stay in an aggressive position putting out power rather than wriggling about trying to stop stuff hurting.I am now hunting around for the rather longer stem and shorter cranks we found worked to enable me to fully dial in the revised position but I'm excited to be able to race more comfortably even before these are sourced, having landed on two podiums over the weekend with the new set-up.I'd be happy to recommend Foundation to riders looking to ride more comfortably - even vets with pre-existing bodily stuff going on. Now I just need to find someone who makes affordable 155mm cranks and 180mm stems.Thanks guys!
Harry GuttridgeHarry Guttridge
20:09 30 Aug 23
Fantastic bike fit by very knowledgeable guys. Would whole heartedly recommend!
Richard OxfordRichard Oxford
11:16 23 Aug 23
I was made to feel at home from the moment I met Matthew. The basic bike fit was extremely thorough and I was asked all sorts of questions so Matthew could fully understand me and my body.I would recommend Foundation to anyone that wants to feel comfortable on their bike.
Chris TackaberryChris Tackaberry
11:15 17 Aug 23
Amazing. I have been riding road bikes as fast as I can for over a decade. Despite that, the session with Mat was a revelation. If you are looking for "free watts" *and* a more comfortable ride, whatever kind of machine you ride, you will find both here. Not only that you will discover some fascinating insights about how you currently ride and how you could improve from people who are, I believe, world class experts in their field and extremely pleasant to work with to boot. In case you are wondering, I have not been paid or otherwise incentivised to write this. Its my honest opinion. I am just kicking myself I did not do this a few years ago. Thanks so much to Mat the team at Foundation Fit.
Oliver JonesOliver Jones
15:44 11 Aug 23
Amazing bike fitting experience with Matt from start to finish. Definitely recommend Foundation bike fit - great people, great location and so knowledgeable!
Nathan HarrisNathan Harris
12:53 04 Aug 23
Really positive experience with Matt and Wei and would recommend a visit to these guys!I was originally on the fence before going due to the expense but those concerns quickly faded. I had purchased a new bike that was generally a good fit for me and the subtle changes and improvements both Wei and Matt managed to achieve was exceptional.I later purchased a smaller crank as per their suggestions and with minor tweaks on my free second follow up with them my riding experience has been revolutionised. Certainly no regrets!Additionally, what I loved about visiting Matt and Wei was their input and guidance focused on the body in parallel with the bike. Its human nature to blame your tools but they clearly articulated and demonstrated what I should be doing and improving as part of my general overall fitness and wellbeing that supports a better riding experience. Subtle but effective.Lastly, as with any bike fit experience there is the dreaded fear of having to purchase new components. I never felt pressured into buying anything but they actually helped me achieve the absolute maximum out of my current bike. What helped was experiencing the ideal setup on the test rig vs my bike with tweaks. Matt and Wei providing guidance on how to take it forward which was later fully tweaked as part of my second free follow up. I am now short crank convert!!All in all, highly recommended, go see these guys, they know their stuff and equally really lovely. Its also in the vellodrome, what more do you need 🙂
Benjamin BeerBenjamin Beer
09:12 04 Aug 23
I came to Foundation as I had a bike fit before and it didn't really work for me.The first 4 hour session with Matt went through everything including my sports history, injuries and goals I want to achieve on the bike. Make not mistake: That session was tough and I was put through my paces which I thought was great!We went through lots of different set ups and realised I needed shorter cranks which I had duly installed afterwards.The location is great at the iconic Olympic Velodrome and you can test out your bike fit straight away on the outdoor cycling track. Perfect!I recently went back for my follow up appointment and we made some more tweaks to the bike set up and now I've never felt more comfortable on my road bike.Highly recommended!
Owen JeffsOwen Jeffs
09:31 28 Jul 23
Had my first Bike Fit with Foundation a few weeks ago. I do mainly endurance road riding and I was skeptical as to whether a bike fit was necessary after having watched many YouTube videos on the subject. I can definitely say that I had a very noticeable increase in comfort on the bike after the fit when I tried it out for a few laps on the track outside (included in the bike fit). Very useful to see videos of before and after adjustments on the bike and to discuss everything. Good experience all round and includes a follow up session within 3months 👍🏻👍🏻
Sarah BuitelaarSarah Buitelaar
20:45 25 Jul 23
Honestly this is so much more than I expected or could have imagined. I had my bike fit with Mat after meeting Wei at the velo on they’re open day, I had put this off for some time as I felt too beginner and almost embarrassed by my lack of knowledge however I was made to feel at complete ease, given an amazing amount information which mat made simple for me to understand and over all left feeling so much more confident as well as excited to now continue my biking journey. Mat has a lot of passion and patience which I am truly greatful for. I really can’t recommend this company enough, they are absolutely amazing!
Renz 2.0Renz 2.0
08:55 19 Jul 23
I've had bike fittings before but this is really what I was looking for: they measure everything, and then systematically explore minor adjustments to what feels right in order to zero in on what is optimal.Mat led my session and was crystal clear in assessing my position on the bike (and off it) and explaining my options.I'm not a Tour pro or even a competitive amateur, just someone who wants to extract maximum comfort and efficiency from his bike when riding.I came away knowing there's a set of measurements, crank lengths, seat types and bikes that will work well for me.Now all I have to do is choose my new machine! I feel a lot better doing it this way than buying something I like the look of then hoping it fits. Tried that.Well done Mat and the Foundation team for providing such excellent and valuable support.
Seun AlabaSeun Alaba
16:56 17 Jul 23
Super friendly and professional job by Wei and Matt getting me prepared for my first ultra distance race which I successfully completed with thanks to them. Originally have had several fit issues related to hips, shoulders and other issues which have been either completely solved or alleviated with a new bike fit. Super knowledgeable and willing to help out in as many ways possible for you to meet your goals!
Jason LinJason Lin
23:39 30 Jun 23
The Performance bike fit with Wei was a fantastic experience. I learnt a lot about how my physiological state (flexibility) is affecting my bike position. Wei took a very careful assessment of both my on the bike and off bike movement before making helpful recommendations on both changes to the bike and off bike flexibility exercises.Overall an excellent and detailed bike fitting, I really see the difference after the fit and keen to see how it plays out in the longer term!And bonus point: you get to test out any changes on the road circuit, not just on a stationary trainer!
Oliver CardiganOliver Cardigan
14:15 29 Jun 23
If you are half serious about cycling then a bike fitting is arguably as important as your bike. Foundation Bike Fit are absolute masters at it. Spending a few hours with Wei and Matt at the stunning Olympic velopark is a hugely enjoyable experience as they’ll make dozens and dozens of adjustments and measurements whilst sharing many anecdotes and insights about cycling and triathlon. Most importantly it will also leave you considerably more comfortable on your bike - but also much faster. You’ll never regret the cost once you’ve experienced it. They are that good.
Jade LJade L
18:30 25 Jun 23
I've had the pleasure of having an ongoing bike fitting service from Wei and Mat at Foundation Fit since November 2022.My first visit was to determine my ideal geometry for a custom built bike geared towards ultra distance riding. Additionally, my existing second hand and ill-fitting bike was tuned as close as possible to my body to eliminate existing aches such as left knee pain, and saddle sores. Foundation Fit use top of the range equipment and both Mat and Wei explain their process in a very clear and informative way. You are made to feel very comfortable and part of the process.As mentioned, I had saddle sore issues and I was given a saddle to trial for a couple weeks from their extensive saddle library. Initially, Wei picked out two he thought would work well with my body. I tested these out on the trainer and opted to try one of these - It was amazing to have found a saddle just like that. After the trial, Wei fitted a brand new one on my bike and my custom build also has the same saddle.I was free to ask Wei any questions over email and every reply was comprehensive and helpful. Wei ultimately helped me with my cleat position that solved my knee issue and answered any worries I had about potentially fitting aerobars.My second fit was for the custom bike, which I had with Mat. Equally amazing, Mat helped me shift my weight to the back of the bike so I could relieve pressure off of my hands and upper body.A bike fit report is generated for me where I can reference all the measurements and notes made during a fitting. This also includes numerous photos and videos that show my riding position, foot stability, and left right balance.Overall, I would highly recommend Foundation Fit for their professional and thorough service. Mat and Wei are exceptionally friendly and personable and give you honest advice and feedback.
Family AccountFamily Account
11:31 08 Jun 23
Wei and Matt are the Jedi's of bike fitting! I came in for an initial fit, they made subtle improvements in my position that increased my power output with same or increased comfort on long rides. I then came back for advice when shopping for a new bike which was very helpful. They are super knowledgeable, thorough, responsive, and their studio in the Velodrome has everything needed. Highly recommended!
Benjamin HieBenjamin Hie
10:20 07 Feb 23
Had two bike fits with Matt who was very attentive and knowledgeable.Besides improving the overall fit to be more comfortable some micro cleat adjustments had me putting down more power on the ride home.Nice win win.Highly recommend.
Tanja VeselinovicTanja Veselinovic
17:22 05 Feb 23
I got recommended by my cycling coach, to do my FIRST bike fit. I would highly recommend them!They are very good, they analysis everything and at the end, they send you a bike report of your fit, which had everything written down and had their recommendations.I found out the cycling shoes ( my old ones) were too small for me, as they measured my food length and width. At the end recommended me what shoe brands would suit me and my new pair are AMAZING.The follow up appointment was very good, as they made some adjustments which helped my riding posture and made me more comfortable when riding my bike.Thanks to them, I feel more connected with my bike when I am riding outdoors and on Zwift.Definitely worth every penny spent.My favourite part was that the bike rig had my exact measurements and after trying and trying loads of different saddles, I found the one for me!
wai leewai lee
12:14 01 Feb 23
My third bike fit, after changing bikes. I was unfit and felt I needed to change my position, but after careful adjustments, Wei only moved things a bit. The following weekend went for a 95km ride and wow the difference was amazing! Again thank you Wei! Amazing job!
Andy WingateAndy Wingate
17:34 29 Jan 23
My wife bought me a bike fit before spending a load of money on a new bike and it was brilliant.Matt is really friendly, knowledgeable and wasn't at all worried that I am not the world's greatest time triallist nor the most flexible person. The fit was incredibly comprehensive and he explains every element, so you aren't left confused at the what is going on. You leave with a world of photos, videos, exercises to do to improve your flexibility, things to watch out for and a few bikes which would fit my geometry needs.Would definitely recommend this for anyone looking at their first big bike purchase
16:03 30 Aug 22
This was my first bike fitting. Mat and Wei are friendly, super informative and gave me some great recommendations. The bike fitting process was comfortable. Had my first ride over the weekend and felt comfortable and stronger on my bike. I like it that there is a follow up session included which can help if I need something small adjusted. Overall, really happy with the service and would recommend them.
carla bentoncarla benton
14:24 01 Aug 22
The best bike fit I've ever had - for a custom bike build. From start to finish Wei, and later Wei and his team, were incredibly kind, friendly, supportive and helpful. Best of all, Wei is incredibly knowledgeable and it is clear he really wants the best for his customers. He is happy to share this knowledge, which he does in an accessible way, and there were never any points when I felt patronised or like I had asked a silly question. Wei made me feel comfortable and put me at ease and I felt a real part of the bike fit - it felt like we were working together to figure things out and he always listened to the feedback I gave with any positions we tried. He made suggestions and was always keen to hear how I felt about positioning etc. I felt like I was in safe hands during both my first fit and refit to check everything over, and Wei went above and beyond for me try and figure out what was causing specific issues on my bike. He was also always available outside of the bike fit appointments for questions I had. Overall, I would 100% recommend using Foundation for a bike fit and I really appreciate all of his help and support in creating an amazing, comfortable ride. Thanks so much Wei and team!
Ziyu ZhengZiyu Zheng
10:59 24 Jun 22
I found foundation bike fit by random online searching but encouraged to book a session by word of mouth- a really fast amateur racer who has been benefitted from Wei’s expertise for over 6 years strongly recommended him in the group chat.Had a full performance fit session on my Triathlon bike with Wei and Matt. In addition to numbers and graphs, Wei focused more on how I actually felt; instead of discrete positions, Wei investigated the kinematics and took care to improve my stability and pedaling fluency. There always exists factors that aren’t trivially measurable, in which case more humane approaches shine as expertise.I have been out riding for several times after the session to really let the new pose sink in. I actually had doubts on the saddle height during the session (it felt too low), but the new setting turned out to be a big performance boost: better force exertion and hence power transfer over a larger section of each revolution, higher stability at high cadence, and for the first time I actually feel my core is engaged in each pedal stroke- much more powerful, feels amazing. Also, the higher, more upward tilted, and more widely spaced areo bar gives me a bigger room to breath while reliving my neck and shoulder pain. I almost feel like sleeping in the aero position, no kidding.Oh and Wei wrote me a detailed report that includes all the measurements, ends and goals of each adjustment, off-bike work details and stuff, with all photos and videos attached.
Perfect fitting experience.. Thank you so much Wei !!Cycling for 5 hours without any pain (except leg muscles 🙂 or num feeling is so exciting. I wish I met Wei before.Also thank you for all the valuable guidance and information while choosing a new bike.
Vivan KumarVivan Kumar
10:54 29 Jan 22
I cannot recommend Wei enough. I've had two bike fits with him so far and on both occasions, I've come out of it with a positive feeling.Wei is extremely knowledgeable, understanding and just an overall great person who is ready to talk to you about anything and everything bike fit related.He took into account all of my concerns, issues, riding goals and adapted my fit, while explaining the changes in detail each time to make sure I understood them. I have a much better understanding of what sort of bike I need, the setup I'll be most comfortable in and the equipment surrounding it.The detailed report at the end of the fit really makes it easy to understand every aspect of the change and contains all the measurements that I can use to setup my bike.All in all, Wei is one of the best in the business, and I'd recommend him highly.


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