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A FOUNDATION bike fit is a holistic process to help riders investigate and understand both their own movement patterns and their interaction with their bike. We use the latest bike fit technology, combined with over 15 years of coaching and fitting experience to find the best solutions for each individual rider.

We are very happy to partner with Cloud 9 Cycles in Bloomsbury to offer studio bike fitting. Whether you’re looking for a new frame, custom geometry or an evaluation of your position, the studio has the tools and expertise to provide the best service there is.

Ride with efficiency, comfort and speed!


£185 | 2 HOURS

– Commuters & beginners
– Flat pedals or cleats
– On-bike adjustment only


£265 | 3 HOURS

– Road, MTB, TT & Tri
– Cleat adjustment
– 3D motion capture


£265 | 3 HOURS

– Find the right size bike for you
– Pre-purchase fitting
– Impartial advice


£265 | 3 HOURS

– Huge saddle library
– Understand your needs
– Take away & test


£95 | 1 HOUR

– For existing fit clients
– Second bike setup
– Annual check-up



– Give the best!
– E-vouchers
– Valid for a year


In response to the current climate of rising costs and uncertainty, we’ve decided to try to make bike fitting as accessible as we can, without diluting the quality or commitment of our work. Our ‘Assisted’ service is exactly the same as any of our regular 3 hour services (Full Fit, Sizing, Saddle Testing) but offered at a significantly lower price point. Assisted sessions will be limited in number and the times and number of sessions will vary each week. There are no restrictions on who can use this service, but the hope is that this allows for greater accessibility and inclusivity for differently resourced individuals in our communities.


A bike fit is applicable for ANY rider wanting to get the most out of their bike riding. Your fit shows you how you move, and why you move the way you do. Your bike can then be personalised to optimise your performance, comfort and overall enjoyment on the bike.

Whether you just want to be comfortable on a weekend ride or out to win a race, there’s a bike fit for every rider.


Anthi Valavani: Very friendly and professional! I had Wei coming over to my flat a to correct pretty much…everything on my bike and improve my position! Having a bad posture led to a minor knee injury after using the turbo for the first time, so I urgently called Wei to fix me! A week later, I’ve been using my bike for commuting daily and have already seen the improvements!

Marinthe de Bokx: Wei helped me get my new bike build to fit me in the space of a morning. He was not only efficient and incredibly knowledgeable but he also helped me understand exactly what and why he was checking or changing the position of things. The bike rides amazingly well and fits my body perfectly, and it’s all thanks to this bike fit 🙂👌🏼 I recommend him to everyone needing a bike fit.

Matt Fairman: Really thorough – learnt a lot as well. I could already feel the difference on the turbo trainer and can’t wait to get out on the road to feel the benefit. Top man Wei! Really knows his stuff.

Paul O’Brien: My recent bike fit from Foundation has transformed my experience of riding exponentially. Having cycled for the last 5 years or so in the wrong position, plus a few run ins with cars here and there, I was a bit of a mess. Wei was able to alter my position on the bike to be much more comfortable, smooth whilst pedalling and powerful in general.

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wai leewai lee
12:14 01 Feb 23
My third bike fit, after changing bikes. I was unfit and felt I needed to change my position, but after careful adjustments, Wei only moved things a bit. The following weekend went for a 95km ride and wow the difference was amazing! Again thank you Wei! Amazing job!
16:03 30 Aug 22
This was my first bike fitting. Mat and Wei are friendly, super informative and gave me some great recommendations. The bike fitting process was comfortable. Had my first ride over the weekend and felt comfortable and stronger on my bike. I like it that there is a follow up session included which can help if I need something small adjusted. Overall, really happy with the service and would recommend them.
carla bentoncarla benton
14:24 01 Aug 22
The best bike fit I've ever had - for a custom bike build. From start to finish Wei, and later Wei and his team, were incredibly kind, friendly, supportive and helpful. Best of all, Wei is incredibly knowledgeable and it is clear he really wants the best for his customers. He is happy to share this knowledge, which he does in an accessible way, and there were never any points when I felt patronised or like I had asked a silly question. Wei made me feel comfortable and put me at ease and I felt a real part of the bike fit - it felt like we were working together to figure things out and he always listened to the feedback I gave with any positions we tried. He made suggestions and was always keen to hear how I felt about positioning etc. I felt like I was in safe hands during both my first fit and refit to check everything over, and Wei went above and beyond for me try and figure out what was causing specific issues on my bike. He was also always available outside of the bike fit appointments for questions I had. Overall, I would 100% recommend using Foundation for a bike fit and I really appreciate all of his help and support in creating an amazing, comfortable ride. Thanks so much Wei and team!
Ziyu ZhengZiyu Zheng
10:59 24 Jun 22
I found foundation bike fit by random online searching but encouraged to book a session by word of mouth- a really fast amateur racer who has been benefitted from Wei’s expertise for over 6 years strongly recommended him in the group chat.Had a full performance fit session on my Triathlon bike with Wei and Matt. In addition to numbers and graphs, Wei focused more on how I actually felt; instead of discrete positions, Wei investigated the kinematics and took care to improve my stability and pedaling fluency. There always exists factors that aren’t trivially measurable, in which case more humane approaches shine as expertise.I have been out riding for several times after the session to really let the new pose sink in. I actually had doubts on the saddle height during the session (it felt too low), but the new setting turned out to be a big performance boost: better force exertion and hence power transfer over a larger section of each revolution, higher stability at high cadence, and for the first time I actually feel my core is engaged in each pedal stroke- much more powerful, feels amazing. Also, the higher, more upward tilted, and more widely spaced areo bar gives me a bigger room to breath while reliving my neck and shoulder pain. I almost feel like sleeping in the aero position, no kidding.Oh and Wei wrote me a detailed report that includes all the measurements, ends and goals of each adjustment, off-bike work details and stuff, with all photos and videos attached.
Perfect fitting experience.. Thank you so much Wei !!Cycling for 5 hours without any pain (except leg muscles 🙂 or num feeling is so exciting. I wish I met Wei before.Also thank you for all the valuable guidance and information while choosing a new bike.
Vivan KumarVivan Kumar
10:54 29 Jan 22
I cannot recommend Wei enough. I've had two bike fits with him so far and on both occasions, I've come out of it with a positive feeling.Wei is extremely knowledgeable, understanding and just an overall great person who is ready to talk to you about anything and everything bike fit related.He took into account all of my concerns, issues, riding goals and adapted my fit, while explaining the changes in detail each time to make sure I understood them. I have a much better understanding of what sort of bike I need, the setup I'll be most comfortable in and the equipment surrounding it.The detailed report at the end of the fit really makes it easy to understand every aspect of the change and contains all the measurements that I can use to setup my bike.All in all, Wei is one of the best in the business, and I'd recommend him highly.



Foundation is run by Wei-Ho Ng, an IBFI and Torke certified bike fitter, with over 15 years of bike industry experience. He is also a Level 2 British Triathlon Coach and Urban Hill Climb cargo bike champion!


As a dedicated bike fitter, you can be confident all my energy is focused on finding the best fit result for you, and that’s it. I won’t use bike fitting to sell bikes or be distracted by having to push certain products. I offer a completely impartial and personal fitting service for each rider. Every rider is an individual with a different history, experiences and bio-metrics, so every fit will require different solutions.

This is also why I won’t rigidly follow one bike fit methodology. Humans are complicated and there are no universal laws. I use a mixture of technology, video analysis, functional assessment, rider feedback and comparative testing to find the best results for each rider.

My aim is to find bike fit solutions that really work, but also educate my fit clients as much as possible, so they can ride away with more knowledge, confidence and empowered to manage their bike positions as they develop. Recognising that bike fitting is a progressive process is important. Our bodies are changing all the time, adapting, absorbing and learning.

A Foundation bike fit is designed to be a holistic process to create a balanced, long-term relationship between you and your bike, allowing you to ride with efficiency, comfort and speed!