ride better with a bike fit

A FOUNDATION bike fit is a holistic process to help riders investigate and understand both their own functional movement patterns and their interaction with their bike. We use the latest bike fit technology, combined with over 12 years of coaching and fitting experience to find the best solutions for each individual rider.

We are the only company in London to offer a full range of both MOBILE and STUDIO fit services.

Ride with efficiency, comfort and speed!


Foundation is London’s only mobile bike fit service. We bring professional bike fitting to your doorstep. Simply select a preferred location, time and date for your fit and we can come to you.

Basic Fit

£145 | 1.5 HOURS

– New riders
– Setting up a new bike
– Position checkup
– No measurements

Standard Fit

£195 | 2-3 HOURS

– Club & sportive riders
– Recording your position
– Injury prevention
– Cleat positioning

Full Fit

£245 | 3-4 HOURS

– Triathlon, TT & racers
– Insoles, wedges & shims
– Performance focus
– Saddle testing


We are very happy to partner with Cloud 9 Cycles in Bloomsbury to offer studio bike fitting and bike sizing. Whether you’re looking for a new frame, custom geometry or an evaluation of your position, the studio has the latest bike fitting technology, tools and expertise to provide the best service there is.


£195 | 2 HOURS

– Frame sizing
– Buying advice
– Impartial service
– Custom geometry

Standard Fit

£245 | 2-3 HOURS

– Jig fitting
– Road, TT & Tri
– BikeCAD record
– Cleat optimisation


£195 | 2 HOURS

– New riders
– Cleat fitting
– Bike adjusted
– No jig fitting

Full 3D Fit

£295 | 3-4 HOURS

– Precision tech
– Next level fit
– Address asymmetry
– 3D motion analysis



£90 | 1-1.5 HOURS

Ideal for:
– For existing fit clients
– Second bike setup
– Optimising position
– Annual checkup



Ideal for:
– The perfect gift
– Choose value
– Injury prevention
– Valid for a year

SADDLE Testing

£195 | 2-3 HOURS

Ideal for:
– Access saddle library
– Find your saddle
– Address discomfort
– Test period


A bike fit is applicable for ANY rider wanting to get the most out of their bike riding. Your fit shows you how you move, and why you move the way you do. Your bike can then be personalised to optimise your performance, comfort and overall enjoyment on the bike.

Whether you just want to be comfortable on a weekend ride or out to win a race, there’s a bike fit for every rider.



Anthi Valavani: Very friendly and professional! I had Wei coming over to my flat a to correct pretty much…everything on my bike and improve my position! Having a bad posture led to a minor knee injury after using the turbo for the first time, so I urgently called Wei to fix me! A week later, I’ve been using my bike for commuting daily and have already seen the improvements!

Marinthe de Bokx: Wei helped me get my new bike build to fit me in the space of a morning. He was not only efficient and incredibly knowledgeable but he also helped me understand exactly what and why he was checking or changing the position of things. The bike rides amazingly well and fits my body perfectly, and it’s all thanks to this bike fit 🙂👌🏼 I recommend him to everyone needing a bike fit.

Matt Fairman: Really thorough – learnt a lot as well. I could already feel the difference on the turbo trainer and can’t wait to get out on the road to feel the benefit. Top man Wei! Really knows his stuff.

Paul O’Brien: My recent bike fit from Foundation has transformed my experience of riding exponentially. Having cycled for the last 5 years or so in the wrong position, plus a few run ins with cars here and there, I was a bit of a mess. Wei was able to alter my position on the bike to be much more comfortable, smooth whilst pedalling and powerful in general.



Foundation is run by Wei-Ho Ng, a Torke certified bike fitter, with over 12 years of bike industry experience. He is also a Level 2 British Triathlon Coach and Urban Hill Climb cargo bike champion!


As a dedicated bike fitter, you can be confident all my energy is focused on finding the best fit result for you, and that’s it. I won’t use bike fitting to sell bikes or be distracted by having to push certain products. I offer a completely impartial and personal fitting service for each rider. Every rider is an individual with a different history, experiences and bio-metrics, so every fit will require different solutions.

This is also why I won’t rigidly follow one bike fit methodology. Humans are complicated and there are no universal laws. I use a mixture of technology, video analysis, functional assessment, rider feedback and comparative testing to find the best results for each rider.

My aim is to find bike fit solutions that really work, but also educate my fit clients as much as possible, so they can ride away with more knowledge, confidence and empowered to manage their bike positions as they develop. Recognising that bike fitting is a progressive process is important. Our bodies are changing all the time, adapting, absorbing and learning.

A Foundation bike fit is designed to be a holistic process to create a balanced, long-term relationship between you and your bike, allowing you to ride with efficiency, comfort and speed!