£95 per hour

A bike fit provides a clear snap-shot in time of your body and position on a bike. Fitting is an evolving and dynamic process. Perhaps over time you’ve developed a stronger core and can now hold a more aerodynamic position or you’ve added a set of aero-bars for an up-coming triathlon. Body and bike are always changing. 

If you’ve had a Foundation bike fit before, but haven’t analysed it for a while, it may be time to check your position. Even if you are not aware of any particular issues, an annual ‘check-up’ is time well spent, re-connecting with your body, discovering new potentials and reaffirming your long-term goals.

Ideal For:
  • Riders who have had a Foundation Bike Fit before
  • Refining & adjusting a previous fit
  • An annual check-up
  • Ongoing assessment of an injury
  • Setting up a 2nd bike to existing fit