Have you’ve been struggling to overcome aches and pains whenever you start upping your mileage or just can’t seem to shake those saddle sores? Then we can help you finally ride pain free and you can start enjoying your riding again.

Numb hands, numb feet, excessive saddle pressure, chaffing, rubbing, frozen shoulders, lower back discomfort, ITB issues, knee pain, neck ache are just some of the innumerable issues we address on a daily basis. Cyclists are so good at tolerating discomfort because they think it’s ‘normal’ or ‘just part of the sport’. This simply isn’t true! You CAN find a position which is comfortable, efficient and sustainable.

So whether you are tackling a new cycling challenge or wanting to commute daily, do the smart thing: Come get a fit, ensure all the fundamental components of your set-up are correct and leave with a clear pathway to pain free riding.

Ride in comfort, Ride with confidence, Ride better!

Pre-fit interview
Cleat positioning
Visual analysis
Video analysis
Dynamic bike fit on jig
Essential adjustments:
H-bar, stem, saddle positioning
In-depth adjustments
& testing alternatives
Basic new component fitting
e.g. stems, cleats
In-depth new component fitting
e.g. saddle, bars, tape, aerobars
Position measured & recorded
Personal Google Drive folder
In-depth post-fit written report
Off-bike movement testing
Leomo movement sensor option
3D motion capture
TT & aerobar positioning
Saddle testing
Asymmetry analysis
Alignment with wedges
Leg length differential shims
Insole fitting and testing
FREE follow-up fit
(Within 3 months of initial fit)