*£90 per hour
*Existing Standard Fit customer: £75 per hour
*Existing Full Fit customer: One session FREE! (£75 per hour thereafter)  

Your body is on the move, constantly changing and adapting in response your lifestyle and choices. A bike fit provides a clear snap-shot in time of your body and position on a bike. Fitting is an dynamic process. Perhaps over time you’ve developed a stronger core and can now hold a more aerodynamic position or you’ve added a set of aero-bars for an up-coming triathlon and looking to set a new comfortable position whilst using the bars.

A reassessment of your position is even more relevant if you’ve suffered an injury or spent any significant time off the bike. Your body will be different, so your bike should change to reflect the changes you have gone through. Even if you are not aware of any particular issues, an annual ‘check-up’ is time well spent, re-connecting with your body, discovering new potentials and reaffirming your long-term goals.

If you’ve had a Foundation bike fit before, but haven’t analysed it for a while, it may be time to check your position. Even if it’s a change of just a few millimetres here and there, a follow-up fit will get you closer to the best you can be.

Ideal for:
– Riders who have had a Foundation Bike Fit before
– Refining & adjusting a previous fit
– An annual check-up
– Ongoing assessment of an injury
– Setting up a 2nd bike to existing fit

– Interview
– Physical assessment
– Dynamic fit & video analysis
– Full changes to setup
– Fit history comparison