Our performance fit is applicable for any rider who it looking to get the most from their efforts. If cycling is your sport and passion, whether you are a triathlete, racer, mountain biker or a sportive rider, then this is the fit for you.

Every rider is unique, from their body metrics, their individual history to their personal goals and aspirations. A unique bike setup is therefore required for every rider. A studio bike fit is a holistic process. Having all the best tools to hand, such as the Wahoo Jig, LEOMO sensors and FORM foot optimisation products, we will be able to show you how you move, why you move the way you do, and how your bike can be adapted to best suit you.

Finally, your position is accurately measured and we have a comprehensive record of your position from this point onward. This allows to keep developing your position or use the measurements to setup additional bikes, hire bikes on holiday or reset your fit should you change components on your bike.

Ride smart, get fitted, ride at your best!

Pre-fit interview
Cleat positioning
Visual analysis
Video analysis
Dynamic bike fit on jig
Essential adjustments:
H-bar, stem, saddle positioning
In-depth adjustments
& testing alternatives
Basic new component fitting
e.g. stems, cleats
In-depth new component fitting
e.g. saddle, bars, tape, aerobars
Position measured & recorded
Personal Google Drive folder
In-depth post-fit written report
Off-bike movement testing
Leomo movement sensor option
3D motion capture
TT & aerobar positioning
Saddle testing
Asymmetry analysis
Alignment with wedges
Leg length differential shims
Insole fitting and testing
FREE follow-up fit
(Within 3 months of initial fit)