Bike Fit Studio Open Day In Pictures


I’m bowled over… 

I can’t thank everyone enough who came to our first studio open day last Saturday! 

The energy, the smiles, the workshops, the enthusiasm… I’ve never seen the fit room explode like that… we even had a tandem in there at one point…

We’ve got more events coming soon… there’s a bike demo day in the pipeline and we might even do some regular small group bike fit workshops… what do you reckon?

In the mean time, help us make the next event even better by filling out this quick survey. It only takes a few minutes. 

Thank you once again. We’re grateful for all your energy and support! 

Here’s some pictures our amazing photographer, Matt, took. (All images credit to @matthewpull)

The fit room exploded and stayed busy all day long!

If you’re curious about how your bike position might be affecting your own comfort and performance, get in touch by email: or book in for a session.

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