Remote Services During Covid 19

Due to the exceptional circumstances of the pandemic, we are currently unable to offer any face-to-face services such as bike fitting, swim analysis and direct 1-1 coaching.

We’ll be back as soon as the social distancing restrictions are lifted, but in the mean time we may still be able to offer useful advice, guidance and help from afar.

bike fitting

All regular mobile and studio bike fitting services are suspended until further notice. However we’re more than happy to take phone / video calls to give advice about your bike position.

We know many of you will be doing a fair bit more mileage on the turbo trainer. If you’re having any persistent discomfort when riding, give us a call and we can point you in the right direction to explore some adjustments yourself. We can usually spot issues quickly through a bit of video footage, so don’t live with any discomfort, get in touch and keep riding!

We’re currently not charging for any advice but any donations will be most welcome!


All face-to-face coaching services are currently suspended until further notice.

However, remote coaching programmes are still available. We all still need to stay active and healthly during the lockdown. We can provide help in the form of general advice, strength & conditioning via video or a structured programme to give you focus and purpose to your current situation. Get in touch and keep training!

Swim Analysis

All swim analysis sessions have been suspended until further notice.

We may still be able to provide some advice and suggest some alternative dry-land training options during the lockdown. Get in touch to find out more and be on the list so we can let you know as soon as we’re back up and running.

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