Practice Makes Per-fit

Cycling is a sport of repetition… quite literally… we make around 10,000 pedal strokes an hour… yup, that’s a lot! So we like to think practice makes perfect (or per-fit!)

But there seems to be special significance to this number.

Malcolm Gladwell popularized the 10,000 hours to become a master concept and of course there’s the famous Bruce Lee saying:

So are we mastering our pedalling every time we head out on the bike? 

Well, I’d suggest that repetition is only one of the factors to implement on the path towards mastery. Repeating actions consciously and with quality is far more important.

Would you rather be doing 10,000 sloppy pedal strokes or embedding 10,000 good pedal strokes? 

The point is to see your cycling as a practice. It is a skill to be learned and the results are to be earned. It takes time, conscious effort and… practice…

Cycling is just like any sport or activity that requires a mastery of very specific movement patterns. Many expect that a bike fit will simply solve all their issues on the bike and they will instantaneously become a master of their sport… 

Bike fitting is actually just the start of the journey. We will set you on the right path, give you the right directions, provide you with a map, and a metaphorical backpack full of useful tools (and snacks!).

We’re even here for you, to provide guidance and updates as you are progressing on your journey. But you have to walk the path.

And the journey may take some time… obstructions will occur along the way… setbacks will attempt to derail you… but if you can stick to the path, you can master the journey. 

So have a think about your pedalling when you are out next. Pedal consciously…

Are you in control?

What are you practicing?

Are you practicing well?

Practice makes per-fit!

Words by: Wei

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