The Best Time Of Year To Get A Bike Fit

It’s September…


Back to school, back to work, the summer is ending, the days are getting shorter, cyclo-cross is coming…

Well, maybe summer never really came this year, but cyclo-cross is still coming and I am getting excited for that!

But before you start pulling out the arm-warmers and mudguards,

I want you to take a moment to pause… 

Have a think back to how your riding has gone this year so far… did it go to plan? 

Did it surprise you? 

Or did it tank with the summer! 

Whatever happened, September gives us an opportunity…

Did your summer feel like this? Van der Poel crashed spectacularly, but he still managed to win!

For me, September is an opportunity to reflect, regroup and keep moving forward. 

It seems an appropriate moment to remind everyone that these opportunities for rest, recovery and change are more important than we often want to give them credit for. 

Never forget the number one law of physiology:

We do not get stronger when we ride.
We actually do the opposite.
We are breaking our body down when we exercise!

We only get stronger from the rest following a big ride.

Our body responds to the stimulus of exercise, builds new muscle, tissue and connections through recovery, and the body becomes stronger as a result. 

So if you’ve been riding hard and long over the summer, autumn is a great chance to take a short break, scale things back, try different things to allow your body to recover and ultimately become stronger in the long run. 

A change, they say, is as good as a rest.

If you’ve been thinking about trying something new like cyclo-cross, rock climbing, swimming or yoga, this is the perfect time to give it a go.

Autumn… time to try something different?

This is also the perfect time to get an MOT on your bike position.

In the summer we often ride stubbornly through niggles because events to complete and goals to achieve.  

Now is the time to explore where the improvements could be. 

Get things adjusted to you can go into winter training feeling confident.

– Is your winter bike set up in the same way as your summer bike? 

– Has your body changed since your last fit?

– Are you coming back from an injury?

– Has your saddle position slipped after travelling?

Whatever your circumstances, give yourself a moment, and have a think if your bike position is still working FOR you…

Could it be better?

Words by: Wei

PS. September is a busy month for us so we’ve released new evening sessions 18:00 – 20:00

PPS. You can use PayPal in 3 to split the cost of your follow-up session over 3 months = Bargain 🙂 

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