Soft Issues: We Made a Podcast!

We thought it was time for something a bit different… so we made a podcast!

Mat and I have teamed up with Lee (bike fitter) and Ev (wheel builder) for some weekly juice about the underbelly of the bike industry. 

Between the four of us, there’s over half a century of experience working within the industry, riding (and crashing!) bikes, wheel building, fettling, wrenching, photography and music… (both Mat & Lee are musicians).

From chewing the fat on the state of the industry, to trying to understand the best way we can help riders, we want to take you on a journey through the cycling world niche.

We’re going to showcase the smaller side of the bike industry and beyond; the one-(wo)man bands, the artisans, the engineers, the makers, the thinkers, all the weird and wonderful activities that make up the wonderful world of cycling. 

We’re not exactly sure where this will go… but we know we have to do it…

We hope the podcast will be useful as well as fun. Practical as well as thought provoking. 

So here goes…

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Words by: Wei

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