The Essential 10 Step Process For An Effective Bike Fit: Masterclass Replay

Kriss from Strength For Endurance hosts Wei on this online masterclass to reveal the essentials of bike fitting.

In this masterclass replay, you’ll learn how to cut through all the conflicting information to discover the same reliable method we use in our bike fit studio day-in-day-out, to help you find your best position. Join the discussion and have all your bike fit questions answered. 


Bike Fit is a Process, Not a Dark Art!

Bike fitting is a science, that is repeatable and reliable. Finally understand the process we use to achieve great results on a daily basis. 

The Principles Behind Every Bike Fit

Behind every process is a set of values. Discover the guiding principles we use so you can apply them to your fit.  

Have Your Questions Answered

Listen in on the questions others are asking about bike fit, find the answers and take the learning forward in your own fit.

Also available to listen and watch on Spotify.

We now offer online bike fit assessments.

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